Costa Rica: La Casa del Habano

La Casa del Habano in Pavas, San José, Costa Rica: Costa Rica's only Casa del Habano

Address: 75 meters east of the U.S. embassy, Rohrmoser neighborhood, on the main street of the area; Pavas District, San José, Costa Rica

Phone: 506-2220-3881 / 506-2231-1525


Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 7:00pm; Saturday 10:00am to 1:00pm

More Information:

Located in Pavas, San José’s largest district, Costa Rica’s only Casa del Habano provides locals and tourists alike a calm setting to enjoy fine Cuban cigars and spirits.  It boasts a full bar, ample lounge space, and a fine selection of Habanos, from Jose L. Piedra to Cohiba.  Along with smokes, La Casa del Habano offers humidors, cutters, and merchandise, with an English-speaking staff to aid your selection.  If you wish to have a variety of genuine Habanos at your disposal during your Costa Rican vacation, there is no better choice than La Casa del Habano.

Getting there:  As hinted by vague directions in place of a tangible address, this can be a challenge.  However, calling La Casa del Habano ahead of time for more precise directions will help significantly.  If you are using taxis as your mode of travel in San José, call Casa del Habano and have an employee explain the location to the taxi driver before departing.  There is little signage, so keep a sharp eye when in its vicinity.  When you arrive, ring the doorbell for access; one of the employees will give you entrance.

Selection:  La Casa del Habano San José offers an ample selection at reasonable prices.  In particular, there is a nice choice of cigars en tubo, perfect to bring back home as gifts or for personal consumption.  As of the summer of 2016, the selection included, but was not limited to, Bolivar, Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, Partagás, Punch, and Sancho Panza, all in a variety of vitolas.


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