Cigar Reviews

Old Virginia Tobacco Company Executive Series Monroe EMS

A medium-bodied house blend from Old Virginia Tobacco Company, available online and in Northern Virginia

Dimensions/Shape: 5 1/2 by 43 ring gauge; Parejo

Wrapper/Capa: Proprietary

Binder/Capote: Proprietary

Filler/Tripa: Proprietary

Tabacalera: Honduras American Tabaco, S.A. (Honduras)

MSRP: $3.80 single, $64.99 box of 20

With locations in Northern Virginia and Richmond, Old Virginia Tobacco Company (OVTC) has been serving cigar and pipe lovers of Virginia for more than 45 years.  Among their wide selection of premium cigar brands, OVTC features two affordable and exceptional house blends: the Cabinet Series and the Executive Series.  Made by General Cigar (CAO, Cohiba, Partagas) in Danlí, Honduras, the Executive Series is a proprietary, light to medium-bodied blend crafted exclusively for OVTC.  The cigar is reminiscent of Punch, a Cuban-heritage brand and popular offering from General Cigar.  The Executive Series is presented in handsome boxes of 20 and includes some information behind the name of the brand:

Our Executive Cigars have been named for the Executive Branch of Government occupied by those famous Virginians – Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe – who played crucial roles in formulating our constitution and founding this great nation.  These men established the framework for the Office of the President that has lasted for over two centuries and indeed helped to create the America that we live in today.

Other sizes in the Executive Series include the Jefferson (toro), the Madison (robusto), and the Washington (churchill), all offered in both natural and maduro wrappers.

The Experience:


This corona features a double cap and a rich, blemish-free colorado wrapper with a soft, paper bag texture, all imparting a slightly rustic character to the cigar.  The wrapper gives off notes of barnyard, chocolate and spice.  Through a perfect draw, faint notes of cedar and chocolate are made out before lighting.  With the first light, a soft sweetness with a very milky coffee note is accompanied with a touch of pepper on the finish.  The cigar continues pouring off foot-smoke and producing tons with each draw.  Its aroma is consistently filled with sweet/spicy cedar and barnyard.  Its body is light, while strength is not detectable.

Settling in, the cigar appears to be one-dimensional; however, its flavors are very pleasant.  Notes of milky coffee remain from the first draws, and the sweetness strengthens and deepens slowly but consistently throughout the cigar, resembling caramel.  The retrohale is very smooth and enjoyable, adding notes of sweet cinnamon and milk chocolate to the experience.  Notes of pepper and cedar gradually enter on the finish and in the retrohale, increasing down the cigar.  Flavor-intensity reaches a light medium around the halfway mark, and remains so to the nub.  Given its size, the cigar slowly begins to warm into the second third, contributing to the increasing intensity of its flavors.  This corona imparts little strength, though still makes for a very relaxing experience.

The Monroe provided around fifty minutes of easy-going, very pleasing smoking time.  While enjoying five of these coronas, no burn or construction issues have arisen, and they have consistently imparted the aforementioned profile.  The Executive Series Monroe is surely a steal at less than $4 a cigar, resembling a cigar valued several dollars more and consistently exhibiting quality.  This light-medium cigar is a great choice for both the novice and experienced smoker, offering something everyone can enjoy.  It would pair exceptionally well with a round of golf, grilling, or a round of poker.


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