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Davidoff Winston Churchill – The Late Hour Churchill

A complex, super-premium cigar with a unique Speyside character

Dimensions/Shape: 7 by 48 ring gauge; Parejo

Wrapper/Capa: Ecuadorian Habano Seed

Binder/Capote: San Andrés (México)

Filler/Tripa: Olor Dominicano, Piloto Cubano, San Vicente Mejorado (República Dominicana); Condega (Nicaragua)

Tabacalera: Cigars Davidoff (República Dominicana)

MSRP: $20.10 single, $402.00 box of 20

Davidoff first paid homage to Sir Winston Churchill in 2007 with its release of the popular mild to medium-bodied Davidoff Winston Churchill line.  Inspired by Sir Churchill’s productivity in the early morning hours, Davidoff has launched the Davidoff Winston Churchill – The Late Hour: a fuller, richer companion to the original line.  While featuring a similar blend to its predecessor, The Late Hour’s filler tobaccos are of a higher priming (viso as opposed to seco), and the blend’s Nicaraguan component, viso leaf from Condega, has been aged in single malt Scotch whisky casks for six months.  Davidoff claims this marriage between the cask and the tobacco lends further complexity and depth to the blend.  The line is presented in three vitolas: a 5 by 52 robusto, a 6 by 54 toro, and a 7 by 48 churchill.

The Experience:

As expected of Davidoff, the presentation of the brand is elegant and appealing.  The cigar itself features a double cap and a rich oscuro wrapper, emanating notes of chocolate and pepper.  The cold draw yields notes of dark chocolate, hay, and spice; the resistance on the draw is just right.

The first light is creamy and smooth, with vegetal and milk chocolate notes on the draw followed by caramel and licorice on the finish.  The retrohale accentuates the sweetness and adds some spice to the experience, all at a mild-medium intensity.  The foot aroma is gorgeous: sweet, cedary, and very smooth.

The Late Hour is fairly complex, and the cigar slowly builds in strength and body, reaching an overall medium in the last inch of the final third.  Settling into the first third, the vegetal and chocolate notes on the draw remain, while the sweetness slowly increases in depth, becoming reminiscent of that of a Speyside single malt.  The voluminous foot smoke is still sweet and cedary.  Heading into the second third, the body begins settle to a medium-intensity, while strength becomes noticeable.  The vegetal notes on the draw dissipate, replaced with baking spices, the deepening Speyside sweetness, chocolate, and slight pepper notes.  The exceptionally smooth retrohale illuminates the growing complexity of the cigar, while the foot aroma slowly transforms to an earthy, chocolatey, sweet redolence.

Into the final third, the flavors stabilize at a medium-intensity; meanwhile, the Late Hour’s strength continues to build, rounding off at a solid medium in the last few draws of the cigar.  Spice notes become more prominent in these last inches, slowly overshadowing The Late Hour’s unique Speyside sweetness.  The smoke is earthy and creamier.  The opening vegetal notes begin to reappear, bringing a slight sharpness.  The last inch brings a warm nuttiness, completing this exceptional experience.

The Late Hour in churchill provided around an hour and a half of pure enjoyment and relaxation.  While there have been many releases in the past few years of cigars featuring barrel-aged tobaccos, Davidoff’s Winston Churchill – The Late Hour, stands out above the rest.  It’s unique sweetness and complexity make it a worthwhile experience and a standout addition to Davidoff’s line of super-premium cigars.



  1. Wow! Can’t wait to try this one. Davidoff’s have always been one of my favorites. This review makes me want to date it! Sounds perfect!

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